Strong is a 60 or 75 minute powerful vinyasa flow class. The most difficult class we offer. Each class will be a full body work out, set to music, moving through sequences that will include various arm balances and inversions.The instructor will give verbal and physical pose adjustments throughout the class. If you’re looking to sweat it out and have a great yoga experience, this is the class for you.


A kick-asana core class that will rip your mid section in ways you didn’t think possible. A challenging but accessible class. 30 minutes or amped up core is just what the doctor ordered. 


Strong Basics is our intermediate vinyasa class.
Catered to the yogi who is looking to build strength, stamina, and learn the proper alignment of poses. Beginner arm balances and inversions are explored during this class. No yoga experience necessary. 


Centering is a heated hatha yoga class that is meant to balance you out and help you manage stress. Within each person, there is a “center” where “you”, the essence of who you are and consider yourself to be, is located. It is not a physical place, rather it is where the certainty of your confidence is. When you are distressed, it is good to contemplate this “essence place” in order to reconnect with the calm certainty that is your self. Expect some challenge, some meditation, and a slower pace. This class fills the space between our Strong classes and our Warm Slow Flow…falling somewhere right in the center


Warm Slow Flow is a class perfect for those looking to unwind from their busy lives, or just take a gentler approach to yoga. It can include Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin styles of Yoga. You will enjoy soothing music, a slower pace, detailed instructions on how to get into poses and quick massages from your instructor. This class is often paired with a short meditation. Ommmmmm my, 60 minutes of mellowy goodness. 


Yoga Foundations is our Yoga 101 and is meant either for someone who is 100% brand new to yoga and/or is not physically ready to jump into our strong basics class, or someone who just likes a gentle yoga class. You can expect to move at a slow, comfortable pace and you will find a heavy  emphasis on alignment, and getting into the best modification of the pose for your body. You will learn how to use the props to best help you find the pose in a safe manner. 


Our community class that is Pay What You Can based. We do suggest an $8 donation, however no one will be turned away if they offer less. Yoga is for everyone and we don’t want anyone to have an excuse not to hit their mat…..so enjoy a 45 minute flow with one of our lovely instructors on staff! Soak in the love


Holy Yoga is centered entirely upon God who has revealed Himself in three persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the practice of Holy Yoga we will be yoking our physical practice with the word of God. Our gaze or drishti will be on Jesus.
Holy Yoga takes the format of a vinyasa flow class, and infuses it with a distinctly Christian point of view. Intentions will be taken from scripture and woven throughout the class. It is open to all levels and faiths. Holy Yoga will enhance the faith of the Christian, but will provide a safe environment for the seeker.
Visit holyyoga.net to learn more about this type of yoga.


Let’s go upside down and see the practice in a new way! Enjoy deep stretches and compression free inversions in this class. All level welcome but if you want to go extra slow in the beginning we suggest taking a beginner’s aerial workshop, offered at least once a month.