Selenite Tower Crystal Lamp 25cm

Description Selenite Tower Crystal Lamp (25cm)Selenite lamps are constructed from a naturally clean or opaque form of gypsum crystal. whilst mild skip through it’s miles offers off a heat angelic glow. Selenite is one of the most famous crystals this is used to cleanse and recharge different crystals. Selenite is a stone related to mental clarity, cleansing and healing skills to clean poor energies.

To have a your meditation room or bedroom will benefit your meditation, desires and recuperation. Selenite selenite crystal, is an angelic crystal, It opens up the better crown chakras and accesses angelic focus and higher steering. top: 25cm width: 9cmconsists of european 2 prong lamp fitting and 220v globe. shade: Translucent white View our complete range of Crystal lamps top advantages Of Selenite Lamps Cleanses and purifies its surroundings Cleanses and charges negative.

Makes it best for meditation and spiritual paintings enhances team spirit in businesses and companies. perfect crystal for gridding the home or assets. Calms nightmares true for memory Aids physical stability howdy Indigo Online Live Chat.

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