“Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” Gautama Buddha


Kim has been practicing yoga for 15 years. Her friend took her to her first hot power vinyasa class 5 years ago and from that day on she was hooked on the Baptiste style of power yoga. She completed her teacher training with Baron Baptiste in New York in 2010 and is in progress of completing her 500 hour advanced studies training with Circle Yoga Shala.  

She initially began yoga purely for the physical challenge; what she has come to realize through her own practice and self-study is that the physical benefits are only a fraction of what yoga can do for you (if you let it!).


Seeking a method of training that would help heal and realign his body, David turned to yoga in 2009. In addition he discovered a method of self expression and an endless path of discovery which included earning his 200-hr RYT from The Yoga Place in Canton, Ohio in 2012.

Other physical training certifications include:
· The first Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC) Instructor under Pavel in 01
· Certified Natural Trainer under Jon Hinds 2006
·  Attendee of two Gymnastic Bodies certifications in 2012 and 2013 under Coach Christopher Sommer

His classes focus on building strength, proper alignment and increasing body awareness.


Jenny is a 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance. 

“I started my yoga journey for the same reason as many other people, as a way to stretch from years of running and lifting weights. To my surprise I discovered that yoga not only heals years of wear and tear on the body but also the mind. I have been able to better manage stress, develop more metal focus, understand what is truly important in life and improve my physical fitness.  I strive to teach a practice which allows participants to celebrate being their best self. This is accomplished by challenging the physical body and opening the mind to possibilities which may have not otherwise presented themselves.”

I have completed my 200 RYT through GoYoga in Columbus, OH and her 500 RYT through Transcending Yoga.


Jessica received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification at The Yoga Place in Canton. Her teaching style is always evolving through her own experiences on & off the mat. She continues to grow her own practice by reading, taking workshops, attending classes. She encourages all  who come to her classes to be themselves, feel alive, free, & strong. She wants them to leave class believing that the seemingly impossible is possible! She began her own yoga journey unsure of herself & her potential and through her practice has learned to be more accepting of herself. Jessica is currently continuing her education through Circle Yoga Shala’s 500 hour advanced teacher training program.


Shelby has been practicing Baptiste-style vinyasa yoga since 2006. She traveled to Costa Rica for her Yoga Alliance 200-hour vinyasa teacher training in 2013 with her first yoga teachers, Sean and Karen Conley of Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh, PA. She continues to grow her practice as both student and teacher by attending retreats and workshops with teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Noah Maze, and Rachel Brathen, and recently began learning and practicing the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.

Shelby hopes to make even advanced yoga practice accessible to everyone, and to empower her students to grow beyond their self-perceived limits and experience the strength, balance, and peace that is naturally within them. Her classes focus on breath and body awareness as well as proper physical alignment to encourage unity of body, mind, and spirit. They include fun sequences that challenge and encourage the uncovering of the student’s highest potential so that they can live it every day.


Kristie is a young human being (not human doing) who lives a life of enthusiasm and is always involved in self-learning initiatives. Her lifestyle is full of exploration intrinsically and extrinsically, allowing her to teach a continuous practice of persistence, patience and vigilance. With a degree in Education, a 200-hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification, and a 500-hr RYT from Asheville Yoga Center. She is a practitioner of non-judgemental and compassionate self-awareness. Come share in the learning with Kristie and discover yourself in new ways through challenges of the physical, mental and emotional body


Amanda is a Yoga Alliance registered E-200 RYT. She graduated from Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India, 2010, where she lived for over a month living and learning all yoga had to offer. She also has a 200 hour Power Vinyasa teacher training from Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Institute, an Unnata Aerial Yoga certification, and is the creator and lead trainer of the Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training program at yoga Strong. She continues her studies with Circle Yoga Shala’s 500 Hour Advanced certification.

She takes her yoga practice very seriously and uses it not only as a form of physical exercise but as a tool to become a more complete, kind and authentic person. 

Her classes focus on laughter, breath-movement connection and encouraging you to places you never thought your body could go.


Danielle was first drawn to yoga because of how closely it resembled so many aspects of her dance training, which she had previously studied for over 15 year. She took her first yoga class in 2009 purely for the physical aspects of the practice, the strength, movement, toning and flexibility. After sampling many different styles of yoga she fell in love with the Baptiste style of vinyasa. It wasn’t long after that first class that the mental and emotional aspects of yoga followed and stuck.

In 2013 she completed her 200-hour RYT at the Yoga Lounge and Barre in Hudson, Ohio under the amazing guidance of Michelle Barnette and Margot Milcetich.
Following the dharma, Danielle lives a life compassion, hoping to spread light and love throughout the world through yoga.


Megan completed her 200hr RYT at The Yoga Place right here in Canton, Ohio and continues her 300 hour training through Holy Yoga.
As a disciple of Christ, she has found that yoga can be one of many ways she connects with God. She finds the union of mind, body and spirit that yoga facilitates, to be a very rewarding experience.  Her classes are physically challenging, introspective and spiritually awakening. She likes to fuse her love of Iyengar alignment training with a Baptiste style of vinyasa flow.

Megan loves to help others help themselves.  Teaching yoga gives her that opportunity.
When not teaching you can find Megan with her best friend and husband Steve, and their four children.


Chelsea has been dong yoga for 15 years and teaching for 7. She is a 200RYT, from Bramrishi Yoga with Margot Milcetich and Mike Curtis,  and is currently in 500RYT training with Margot Milcetich.
She has also trained in Aerial Yoga with Vahiayasya, Rehobeth Beach, DE and in Trantra Yoga with Katie Silcox.

She volunteers at the Battered Women Shelter teaching Yoga for Trauma.

“I love teaching (aerial) silks.  On the ground we can hyper-focus in a yoga pose, forcing our body to make the right shape. The fluidity of the fabric can inspire you to let your body express itself, it is a catalyst for movement and freedom of expression. It can bring openness physically, spiritually and emotionally. “


Emily began her journey into yoga  six years ago trying to find an alternative exercise to running , but found much more then just the physical aspect of yoga. She found a sense of inner stability and that has transformed her life and perspective. 

Emily is a 200 hour RYT and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.  
Although her practice has been focused on Power Yoga. Emily plans on continuing her studies to broaden her knowledge of other yoga styles. She also  practices a healthy life style in and out of the studio .  

Emily is passionate about teaching and finds enjoyment instructing and sharing the physical and spiritual path with others .


As a Yoga Alliance-certified Teacher, Leah has brought energy and compassion to her students for more than 15 years. She will guide you through core-powering sequences that open your heart and enrich your soul.

Leah has a passion for music and travel. Her most recent yoga adventure took her to Chacala, Mexico for a 200-hour Master Immersion in Tantric Hatha Yoga, a lineage that melds principles of Ayurveda, Sri Vidya (Goddess-based wisdom) and Tantra. She shares this knowledge and her background in Kriya and Reiki to bring healing energy and guided visualization to students of all levels.


Michaela graduated from Yoga Strong’s inaugural teacher training course and is registered with Yoga Alliance. With a love to be athletic combined with a deep respect for tradition Michaela has grown into a marvelous teacher with much to offer. Expect to have a fun and funky flow during her yoga or aerial yoga classes. Working up a sweat but not neglecting your spiritual needs. 

Michaela hopes to keep growing her own practice and is making that a reality by participating in Circle Yoga Shala’s 500 hour advanced teacher program at the studio. 


In 2011, Ashleigh fell in love with yoga. In the midst of high school and chaos, her practice became her greatest coping mechanism. At age 17, Ashleigh received her 200-hour under the instruction of Mike Curtis at The Yoga Place and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. She finds importance in balancing movement and stillness in her yoga practice and teachings. Ashleigh loves to blend strengthening and restorative asanas into her classes for (physical and mental) strength and healing. She is also a lover of pranayama and relies heavily on the breath to act as a guide through her practice.

Ashleigh has been deeply inspired by her teachers to pursue a life of compassion and healing. 


Taylor graduated from Yoga Strong’s 200 hour teacher training and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Taylor began her yoga journey at Yoga Strong in 2013 where she took her first hot yoga class and fell in love with power vinyasa flow.
Taylor hopes to facilitate an open and true yogic environment in which yogis feel free to be themselves and fully exist in their own individual practices. Through physical asanas, breath, and body/mind connection, Taylor hopes to invite students to look inside themselves to discover their own personal truths on and off the mat.


Angel Webster started out practicing yoga over five years ago and as a result has grown physically, mentally, and spiritually. She obtained her RYT 200 hour teaching certification through Yoga Strong LLC; Yoga Alliance Certified,  95 hour Holy Yoga training, and 50 hour Kids Holy Yoga training.

Angel teaches a strong vinyasa flow that can be modified and taught for all levels of yoga. her teaching is a heat-building yoga practice that will increase strength and flexibility, while providing stillness to your mind and awareness to a yogi’s strongest tool – the breath.

As a follower of Christ Angel has seen and felt God work through her yoga practice to help her heal every part of who she is and create a path of growth for her future. It is her heart’s desire to teach others what she has learned through the practice of yoga. To help encourage others mentally, physically, and spiritually

Using the strong vinyasa practice Angel will help others reach new levels in their physical body and mental state. Important for building strength, her vinyasa flow will also mentally recharge the student. It is only when one is fully aware that they understand what the mind, body, or spirit needs.  Angel can provide all levels of yoga conditioning, including strong flows or slow mindful flow.


Lesli started practicing yoga in September of 2013 as a counter exercise to running 5k’s with her family. As she witnessed her own transformation on and off the mat, she began to see the positive impact it developed in the relationships around her.  She then realized she wanted to share this practice with everyone.  Lesli received her 200 hour RYT through Yoga Alliance guided by Amanda Fulmer with Yoga Strong in Canton, OH.  She enjoys trying awkward and challenging poses and falling flat on her bum right alongside her yogi peers. Lesli likes to laugh and have a good time as we all work together to build a fast paced energetic flow molded for your specific body. She will play fun, motivating tunes that will keep you moving toward your edge. Lesli takes pride in always keeping it real, as she will forever be a growing student of yoga and only hopes to help guide you on this incredible journey!