FAQS/Etiquette – Yoga Strong

YS has parking lot space in front of and behind the studio. The reception area and front desk check in is through the front door. You can enter from the back door if you wish, just remember to take your shoes off before entering the studio space, and to check in at the front desk before class. Also be mindful of classes going on in the studio when you arrive, please do not walk in on a class in session.

There are two changing rooms/bathrooms in the back of the studio. Coming in the front you will need to enter the studio and go straight through the door in the center of the far wall. Coming through the back door you are right there! There are hooks for bags and clothes in the back hallway as well.

1.Yoga Mat/Yoga towel. The studio has a minimal back reserve of yoga mats for occasions when you may have forgotten yours, and you are welcome to rent them for $2 Mat Towels are also available to rent for $3. 2.Water Bottle. We do sell water bottles and other assorted drinks for your convenience.3.Form of payment if you do not already have a package, or did not pay in advance online.The studio provides sweat towels, yoga props, and mat cleaner for you free of charge. 

The studio has space for your shoes and outwear in the reception area. Any personal belongings (purse, wallet, phone etc) can be taken into the studio with you and placed on the shelves designated for these items. Cell phones must be turned to silent (not vibrate) if in the yoga studio, unless you are waiting on an emergency phone call.

We suggest having a small, healthy snack 45-30 minutes before your class. Please do not eat a heavy meal before you come because yogis should feel light, not weighed down. In addition, please make sure you do not come to class having not eaten anything that morning or afternoon, it is very easy to become light headed and feel weak during a class if you are not properly fueled. 

If you are running late, no worries! We understand that life happens. Be sure to sign in and enter the studio as quietly and quickly as possible. We do suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before a class, to enjoy the studio and get settled in. 

It is best to wear sweat wicking sports/work out clothing. Form fitting workout clothing work best, only because wearing loose clothing and then sweating a lot can cause an uncomfortable weight and clamminess during class. If you find that you do not sweat that much, than regular work out clothing would work great for you. Please be mindful of white or sheer clothing that could become see through with perspiration. 

The heat allows our bodies to open up faster and move us deeper in our poses, quicker. It adds a challenge element that helps focus the mind on the present moment. And don’t forget, sweat is good for you! In the heat your body does a natural detox through sweat, add yoga and you are really freeing your body of built up toxins.

We do offer non-heated yoga classes regularly. On the schedule if the class does not say (Hot) next to it then it is in the non-heated studio.

We generally do not allow children under 13 years old in the studio for a regular scheduled class. We will have special workshops and events that have kid’s yoga which will be more suitable for this age group. Please note that if you are under 18 years old you will need to have a parent or guardian sign a release for you before you can participate in a class.

Yoga is a journey. Everyone’s bodies are made differently. Every person has different strengths and weaknesses. At Yoga Strong we celebrate this! Every person has different physical and mental blocks they will run into along their journey. A steady personal practice will bring immense change to your body, state of mind and life! We are here to help you along this journey we call yoga, and spread the practice to anyone and everyone we can!

Join us!