Aerial Yoga – Yoga Strong

Let’s go upside down and see the practice in a new way! Enjoy deep stretches and compression free inversions in this class. All level welcome but if you want to go extra slow in the beginning we suggest taking a beginner’s aerial workshop, offered at least once a month.

We offer 3 different types of classes with our aerial hammocks.

Aerial Yoga– A yoga class using our aerial hammocks to take your poses to a new level and get you upside for inversions sans pressure on your head and neck. 

Anti-Gravity Core-A kick-asana core class that will rip your mid section in ways you didn’t think possible. A challenging but accessible class. 30 minutes or amped up core is just what the doctor ordered. 

Hang Loose– A restorative aerial yoga option that is exactly what you need to relax in a way that you cannot on your own. With the elevated support of the slow aerial hammock you can release in places you never though possible. Perfect for all level practitioners.

We also offer Beginner Aerial Yoga Workshops on the weekends. Check out our upcoming dates!